Female Firefighter Sues for Discrimination

Archinaco / Bracken LLC, a leading Plaintiff’s law firm, through attorneys Jason Archinaco and Robert Bracken have filed suit against the City of Washington alleging that a former female firefighter was discriminated and retaliated against due to her gender.

In a Complaint pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Victoria Bozic alleges that the City of Washington was forced to settle a prior discrimination claim she had against them when they refused to hire her because she was pregnant. The settlement required the City of Washington to hire her as a firefighter and pay her a $20,000 lump sum. Thereafter, the City did not learn its lesson and engaged in discriminatory and retaliatory acts against Ms. Bozic.  The acts included high-ranking City officials summoning her to a meeting and interrogating her about performance issues that the City admits were false and a residency requirement that the City did not enforce among other firefighters.

Thereafter, the City threatened Ms. Bozic that if she did not resign and release any claims she had against the City, they would “go to the papers.” When Ms. Bozic refused to release her claims, she was fired and disparaged in the media. Ms. Bozic is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, equitable relief and attorneys’ fees in her lawsuit.

The case has garnered considerable attention from the press.  Articles about the case can be read at the Observer Reporter website (click here) and at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (click here).

“We believe that the facts speak for themselves,” stated Robert Bracken, one of Ms. Bozic’s attorneys. “And, we look forward to deposing those that we believe are responsible for the actions taken against Ms. Bozic.”

Should you believe that you have suffered from similar discrimination or retaliation, and would like to discuss your legal rights, please contact Jason Archinaco or Robert Bracken at 412-434-0555, or email at jarchinaco@ablitigation.com or rbracken@ablitigation.com.