$32.8 Million Ciechoski Verdict Affirmed by the Superior Court

The $32.8 million verdict obtained by Archinaco / Bracken LLC on behalf of Lillian Ciechoski in January 2014 has been affirmed by the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

On January 17, 2014, a unanimous jury returned a verdict on behalf of Lillian Ciechoski and against Phoenixville Hospital in a birth injury case.  The jury determined that Phoenixville Hospital through two of its nurses committed medical malpractice resulting in Lily’s permanent spastic quadriplegia.  More can be read about the case and verdict here.

After the verdict, Phoenixville Hospital filed post-trial motions.  Those were denied.  The appeal to the Superior Court met the same fate.  The Superior Court’s opinion is located here:  1931 EDA 2014.  Robert Bracken argued the case before the Superior Court.